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1000   $MELD   Airdrop

Congratulations! If you are here you are part of the small community invited to the Armadillo Cardano Stake Pool 1000 $MELD giveaway. Designed to keep the party feeling going after the MELD ISPO

After receiving a number of request from delegators keen to take advantage of upcoming ISPOs we have elected not to wait for the first block after the $MELD drop but instead run the competition now.

Under the watchful eye of Melds own Virvus I am pleased to announce that the process is complete and we have our winner!

Congratulations ae30......16c33 you are our winner. Shortly after Meld launch their tokens (31st  Jan) 1000 Meld tokens will be making their way from us to you.

This marks the end of the competition and all participants are free to indulge in a little ISPO hopping if they choose. Remember, after you have finished and the dust has settled you are always welcome back at Armadillo.


Have questions or need clarification please feel free to send us a message

Seen enough and not sure how to delegate.  You'll find a simple guide here

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